Genie Espinosa

My name is Genie and I’m an illustrator born in February 1984 in Barcelona (Spain) now based in Bristol,  England.
I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, played again and again all the Disney movies and Pink Panther episodes. Read a lot since I was very little so imagination and adventures were surrounding me everywhere.

Later on, as a grown up, I’ve graduated in 2 High Technical Degrees: illustration and graphic design, and have worked as a graphic designer for many years, back in 2013 I took the big decision: become a full time illustrator.

After moving country all the puzzle pieces started to get fixed, and you can easily find me working in my dream job while singing 80’s music and musicals.
In between things that I like you can find (not in this particular order): GELATTO, CATS, CAKE, CUPCAKES, COFFEE, MORE COFFEE, LIQUORICE and COCONUT in any shape or form.

My inspirational artists are: Mary Blair, Alice and Martin Provensen, Helen Dardik, Leo Espinosa, Marc Boutavant, Laura Hughes, Carolyn Gavin, Lou Romano, Moira Millmann… and many many more!

Some of my clients include: Igloo Books, Marks & Spencer, American Greetings, UK Greetings, Glottogon, Yoyo Books (Belgium), Little Genius, RongXin (China)…

Genie Espinosa

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